KTS Bollinger Band Squeeze Analysis on USDJPY / 16 September 2020

Published on May 17, 2021

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For beginners, one of the biggest obstacles is that they are flooded with too much information. They are just chasing a “unicorn” without thinking deeply, or not learning what they really have to learn.

There are only two things you need to master to become a winning trader:

  1. To be able to identify the psychology of the players in a market.

  2. The skill to make entries right at where the risk is kept to a minimum and reward is at absolute maximum. If you have the skill to be able to identify it, you do not need any complex methods or indicators.

The intent of this channel is to explain life-lasting methods in a very simple manner.

** Disclaimer **

  • The videos and blogs are provided based on my personal view from the past experience and for educational purpose, and never guarantee your future profits.
  • I do not make your trade decisions. Make sure to follow your own decision when investing your own fund while considering its risks.
  • I do not promote any brokers, signals, or robots.


Bollinger Band Squeeze Trading Strategy


p style=”text-align: left;”>Bollinger Band Squeeze Trading Strategy, KTS Bollinger Band Squeeze Analysis on USDJPY / 16 September 2020.

Forex Trading Indicators – 4 Typical Signs That Will Make You Money

However I suggest 15 minutes because of how emotional and noisy the 5 minutes chart is. Nevertheless, PD, FCX, and copper might move by approximately the exact same percentages. You can be able to find a lot on the internet.

KTS Bollinger Band Squeeze Analysis on USDJPY / 16 September 2020, Search popular reviews related to Bollinger Band Squeeze Trading Strategy.

Bollinger Bands Explained – My Preferred Indicator

Those long decisive runs which are the support of technical analysis appear to take place less and less. Studying the weekly charts is one method to identify intra-day trends. Thankfully, you do not require to pay in order to find out.

A few of those that understand me know that I am a substantial blues fan. I’ve visited Memphis a couple of times, I’ve been to Buddy Person’s joint in Chicago, and I take place to reside in St. Louis which has deep roots in blues music too. In the early 90’s I watched a video produced by U2 that was launched as a concert film and consisted of a variety of songs with different artist, and the one that stuck to me was a song they composed particularly for BB King. I still remember what BB said in that film twenty years later on about his guitar playing.


Have a look. Make certain you move your chart to the day of 1/19/10 so that you can’t see the 20Th but simply the 19Th and back. Notification how exceed the 10 day EMA Bollinger Bands is hooking up on the top and the bottom bands are hooking down? This is the expansion we become aware of a lot. This is a signal of a big relocation that will take place.

The 2nd chart is an eight-year day-to-day chart of the NYMO 20-day MA (gray line) and NYMO 50-day MA (red line), that includes all historic data. The chart shows each time the NYMO 50-day MA rose to or above 20, it fell to negative 20 or lower, and each time that happened, the NYMO 20-day MA rose to or above 30 and fell to or below negative 30. Presently, the NYMO 20-day MA is approximately negative 17, which likewise indicates an SPX pullback.

If the cost of the stock shoots up, your Call will be way In-The-Money, and your Put will be useless. If the rate plummets, your Put will be way In-The-Money, and your Call will be useless. This is much safer than buying either simply a Call or simply a Put. If you just bought a one-sided alternative, and the rate goes the incorrect way, you’re looking at potentially losing your entire premium financial investment. In the case of Straddles, you will be safe in either case, though you are spending more initially Bollinger Bands Trader given that you need to pay the premiums of boththe put and the call.

Her injuries were so severe that the likelihood of her working once again in the future was slim at best. She needed Bollinger Bands monetary recommendations, however who to turn to, she had no idea.

Thus far I have actually just hinted about where to put your stops and limitations. Let historical assistance and resistance levels be your guide. You can integrate those with current momentum readings or Bollinger Bands to provide you a much better concept where to put your stops. This technique will likewise work if you use limits to leave trades.

When tunnels are created during the odd hours of currency trading, it just reveals that nobody is trading at that time! The majority of the traders are out and a breakout is not likely to occur up until the traders go back to their charts. This is also called the, Bollinger Band Capture. The Bollinger Bands spread even more apart and is an excellent indication to prepare a trade. When a breakout happens, a new trend is started.

This is not a veiled attempt to proselytize or evangelize. In fact, there are a big number of analytical tools readily available for this function. Does that mean I am going be shorting EUR/USD tomorrow?

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