Bollinger Bands Explained – Beginner's Guide to Stocks, Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading

Published on July 22, 2021

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Beginner’s guide to the Bollinger Bands. Includes lessons on the indicator’s components, signals, trading strategies using the indicator, and practical tips using the concepts.

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Disclaimer: None of the following should be taken as an investment advice and are for educational purposes only. Stocks, forex, and crypto currencies carry inherent probability of losing money. Trade at your own risk.


Bollinger band is formulated by John Bollinger in 1980’s and it is still one of widely used indicators today. It is designed to identify the price volatility. 95% of the price oscillates between the extremes of the bands.

A Bollinger band has three components. The first component is the line on the middle which is simply the 20 day moving average. In this chart, you can see that the 20 day moving average is identical to the middle line. A trader can choose the value of the MA according to his preference. For short term traders, 10 day MA is preferred while some long term investors prefer to use 50 M-A. For the sake of simplicity, we will use the default value which is 20.

Other components are called the upper and the lower bands. The line above the M-A is called the upper band, while the line below is called the lower band. By default, both bands are 2 standard deviations away from the MA line. The standard deviation is the most common measurement of volatility. For the sake of simplicity of the subject, we will no longer discuss how it is computed. The standard deviation can also be modified according to the trader’s preference. For short term traders, 1.5 SD is the preferred value in conjunction with 10 day MA line, while long term investors prefer 2.5 SD in conjunction with 50 day MA. For our discussion, we will use the default value of 2 SD.

The common misconception is that Bollinger Bands are used in range trade. But traditionally, they are used to identify the beginning of the trend. When the price breaks the bands, the trader should trade with the direction of the break. In this example, the price breaks above the upper band and we can see the continuation of the trend after a short consolidation. Most likely, breakouts from the Bollinger band are similar to other breakout patterns such as Darvas box breakout. In this other example, the price breaks down to the lower band, initiating the downtrend.

Another signal the Bollinger bands create is the contraction and the expansion of the bands. The contraction of the bands happens when the price is on a tight trading range. On the other hand, the expansion of the bands happens when there is an increase in the price volatility. By theory, periods of low volatility are likely to be followed by periods of high volatility. High volatility periods are also likely to be followed by periods of low volatility. In this chart, we can see how the contraction and the expansion of the bands happened as the price undergoes cycles of consolidation and increased volatility.

Trade with the direction of the break. If the price breaks above the upper band, go long. If the price breaks below the lower band, go short.

Look for periods when the bands are contracting. In this chart, the correct entry is the price breakout after the Bollinger contraction. Always wait for the bands to contract before buying on breakout or shorting on breakdowns. Trading without the band contraction is risky and is prone to whipsaws. It is also risky entering a trade when the bands have already expanded significantly.

In this other example, a short sale is prone to whipsaw if bought when the band has already expanded or there is no actual contraction. The correct entry should be when the bands have already contracted before placing the short.

Use the moving average line as a trail-stop. In an uptrend, sell once the price closes below the MA line. Remember that when the price closes below an MA may mean that the momentum may also change. In this chart, the price changed its momentum when it closed below the MA line, from uptrend to sideways. The trader may lock the profits once these conditions were satisfied.

Watch out for false breakouts as Bollinger bands, like any technical indicator, only interpret the price action and not the fundamental change of the asset. Remember that breakouts are not 100 percent guaranteed, as there are false breakouts. In this example, the price breaks out of the band, only to start a down trend. In this case, always follow your stop loss strategy. Also watch for signals of trend reversals.

Bollinger bands are not standalone indicator. Use it along with other technical indicators and tools. In this example, the price breaks above the Bollinger band while the Mac dee shows crossover, and there is already a golden cross among the M-A’s. Therefore, a trader should buy on breakout.

Find Bollinger Bands Uptrends

Find Bollinger Bands Uptrends, Bollinger Bands Explained – Beginner's Guide to Stocks, Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading.

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Bollinger Bands Explained – Beginner's Guide to Stocks, Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading, Enjoy most shared explained videos related to Find Bollinger Bands Uptrends.

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Merely put, technical analysis means that one research studies cost movement. There are numerous theories that propose to use excellent stock market trading directions. Should I trade the 4 hr compression or possibly the 5 min?

Technical analysis is a very fundamental part of forex trading. It utilizes lots of inferences. There are the pattern lines, the candlestick bars, the Bollinger bands and the Fibonacci grids. The last one is considered essential in finding out market motion. It discovers out what may be correct time for the marketplace to show or rally correction. At the very same time, it talks about resistance and assistance levels.

bollinger bands ede

After you have actually determined the day-to-day pattern, you must drop down to your lower timeframe and see where price remains in relation to the Bollinger Bands. You desire to see the cost hit the Bollinger Band extremes on the opposite side of the daily trend.

To set up MACD for scalping, subtract 2 from the default criteria i.e. Fast EMA = 12 to 10, Slow EMA = 26 to 24, MACD SMA = 9 to 7, Use to Close. Select the Color Tab and alter the color to your preferred, you could also increase the line design. Click the Levels Tab – Include the Absolutely no line and likewise alter the color. You might also double-click the Description space opposite the absolutely no value and type “Center Signal” and increase the line style too. Under the Visualization Tab, deselect the “All Timeframes” and choose M15 just due to the fact that this trading technique work best on 15 minutes chart and you could also try it on 5 minutes. However I advise 15 minutes since of how emotional and noisy the 5 minutes chart is.

Trading is not as easy as clicking buy and sell, there is a lot Bollinger Bands Trader include. A strong business strategy will supply a frame work that will direct you with the elements required for a successful profession in trading.

Sometimes it may be sensible Bollinger Bands to adopt an overbought/oversold requirements for entry consequently increasing the probability of a good sized relocation, and at least an initial push in the favored instructions moving cost far from your stop and decreasing your danger.

If he comprehended the system, I asked him. He said he had no previous concept that all these technical indicators existed and might be utilized to predict the marketplace. He did not understand the mathematics behind them, but had been guaranteed there is no need to. All he required to do is use them.

This forex trading strategy shows how concentrating on a bearish market can benefit a currency that is overbought. Whether this technique is wrong or right, it provides a good risk-reward trade off and is well based on its short position in forex trading.

Likewise, over the previous three years, PD and FCX have increased by greater percentages than copper. For instance, we would initiate a Straddle for business ABC by buying a June $20 Call along with a June $20 Put.

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