Bollinger Bands and Mean Reversion | Trading Strategies | Quantra course | Dr. Ernest P. Chan

Published on March 24, 2022

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Welcome to this video lecture. In this video, we will create a mean reversion strategy using bollinger bands.
Mean reversion trading assumes prices will move back to mean. Thus, whenever prices are too far from the mean we will take a position, long or short, and exit when price reverts to mean. We will use the bollinger bands to determine entry and exit points.
Bollinger bands consist of a middle band, upper band and lower band. The middle band is a simple moving average for past N days. The upper band is +X * standard deviation above the middle band and the lower band is -X * standard deviation below the middle band.
Here N is the lookback period to compute mean and standard deviation and X is the entry point which are free parameters to be optimized using a training data set.
For mean reversion strategy on AUDCAD in next unit, we will take N as 5 and X as 0.5. We will enter into a long position only when the price falls below the lower band. The price falling below lower band is used an as indication that price has deviated significantly from the mean and hence is expected to rise back to the mean. Then, we will exit the long position when the price mean reverts to the current mean.
Similarly, we will enter into a short position only when the price moves above the upper band and we will exit the short position when the price mean-reverts to the current mean. At any one time we can have either zero or one unit (long or short) invested so it is very easy to allocate capital to this strategy or to manage its risk.

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Bollinger Bands Reversal Strategy

Bollinger Bands Reversal Strategy, Bollinger Bands and Mean Reversion | Trading Strategies | Quantra course | Dr. Ernest P. Chan.

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It can be something extremely simple like the cross of two different moving averages. I attempt to opt for the trend and determine the path of least resistance is where I want to be. Firs close the short position then open the long position.

Bollinger Bands and Mean Reversion | Trading Strategies | Quantra course | Dr. Ernest P. Chan, Watch popular high definition online streaming videos about Bollinger Bands Reversal Strategy.

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You might wish to know where you can get more guides about Forex trading. Quickly, volatility subsides and rate motion typically stalls with it. So they likewise enter the market slowly.

There are numerous individuals of faith, including myself, for whom religious beliefs and faith are not relegated to 60 minutes on a Sunday morning. Instead, we have an abiding belief that the principles of bible apply to all areas of our life, including our trading. It is to these folks that this post is written.

Bollinger Bands step market volatility. They use 3 lines of information: an average that alters in the middle; an upper line, which keeps an eye on the changing average and after that adds two basic discrepancies; and a lower line, which keeps an eye on the altering average, and subtracts 2 basic deviations.

For instance, “In the course of a trading day, the first reversal duration happens roughly 9:50 A.M. to 10:10 A.M. after the marketplace opens at 9:30 A.M. One reason this takes place is that the market makers and specialist typically take the opposite side of your trade. Remember for every purchaser there is a seller. They will “bring the stocks in” to change their position.

When you understand this profit-either-way technique – and I suggest you learn direct from a professional Bollinger Bands Trader who does this for a living – there are just a few steps to take, when a month.

The second chart is comparable Bollinger Bands to the first chart, other than 50-day MAs are utilized. The unfavorable connections are similar, and the 50-day MAs of VIX and CPC are likewise low compared to SPX. One noteworthy distinction is the VIX 20-day MA has been falling, while the VIX 50-day MA has actually been flat after rising. The 2nd chart likewise reveals the SPX 50-day MA tends to rise, fall, increase, etc. Currently, the SPX 50-day MA is rising at a reducing rate after increasing for five months. So, the SPX 50-day MA might be close to flattening and after that falling (the SPX 20-day MA has rather comparable movements).

Simply put form it’s a) understand how your trades work, b) find out when it is best to use them, c) determine those essential market events/ sign occasions, and d) execute your trade/ try to find another chance.

Lots of traders wait on the price to hit the middle band and after that move their stop loss to recover cost. Then they target the severe band in the instructions of the daily pattern.

You can think about the resistance as the ceiling of a space. Generally, PD and FCX are more unpredictable than copper. In conjunction with a moving average, you can utilize the bands to determine support and resistance.

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